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American Urological Association (AUA)

AUA 2019 - Chicago, IL

A transcriptomic signature of tertiary Gleason 5 predicts worse clinicopathological outcome

Response to Apalutamide (APA) among patients (pts) with nonmetastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer (nmCRPC) from SPARTAN by Decipher Genomic Classifier (GC) score

Genomic expression and prognostic significance of stromal microenvironment in primary prostate cancer

Decipher Biopsy genomic test related to Gleason grade group independent of prostate imaging reporting and data system version 2

A genomic classifier shows improved prediction of oncologic outcomes in African-American men treated with radical prostatectomy

Molecular subtyping reveals luminal bladder tumors have lower rates of pathological upstaging at radical cystectomy

Do elderly men (>75) harbor more aggressive prostate cancer? Comparison of Decipher and PAM50 tests among different age groups

Correlation between MRI phenotypes and a genomic classifier of prostate cancer

Prospective randomized trial of gene expression classifier utility in men at high risk of recurrence following radical prostatectomy

HOXB13 expression and its role in prostate cancer progression and neuroendocrine differentiation

Impact of SPOP mutation on prostate cancer prognosis

Network-based transcriptomic analysis identifies gene signatures associated with mpMRI-visible prostate cancer

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