eviCore Clinical Guidelines Incorporate Decipher Prostate into New Medical Necessity Criteria for Prostate Cancer Patients

Decipher Prostate is the first and only genomic test recognized by eviCore for the management of prostate cancer patients after surgery

SAN DIEGOOct. 7, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Decipher Biosciences, a commercial-stage precision oncology company committed to improving patient care, initially focused on urologic cancers, today announced that eviCore Healthcare (eviCore), a healthcare decision support provider focused on improvement of care through evidence-based decision making and quality reporting while reducing administrative burden and cost, updated the Clinical Guidelines for its Lab Management Program to incorporate Decipher Prostate into their coverage criteria for prostate cancer patients with adverse pathology following surgical removal of the prostate who are being considered for radiation therapy. Decipher Prostate is the first and only genomic test recognized by eviCore as medically necessary for the management of these patients.

“In our view, this represents a significant milestone in payer adoption of Decipher Prostate for patients after surgery who are considering radiation therapy,” said Tina S. Nova, PhD, president and chief executive officer of Decipher Biosciences. “We believe that having all of the information about a tumor helps physicians and their patients make the best treatment decisions, and this clinical guideline could support improved patient outcomes by providing access to Decipher testing for the 37.6 million members of health plans serviced by eviCore.”

This updated recommendation is expected to become effective January 1, 2021, and is reflective of the level and quality of evidence as well as the consensus of NCCN and ASCO recommendations that support the use of Decipher Prostate in the post-operative setting.  eviCore’s Clinical Guidelines serve as the basis for pre- and post- service determination of medical necessity for over 20 regional health plans and their affiliated self-insured employers, with over 37.6 million members in the U.S.

About Decipher Prostate
Decipher Prostate (Decipher Prostate Biopsy and Decipher Prostate RP) is a 22-gene, microarray-based genomic test intended help inform treatment decisions for men with localized prostate cancer at initial diagnosis and after surgical removal of the prostate. The test reports the Decipher Score, which prognosticates a patient’s risk of metastasis within five years and provides risk estimates of prostate cancer-specific outcomes.  Decipher Prostate can help guide physicians to better select the appropriate therapy for a specific patient, which in turn can result in improved patient outcomes.

About Decipher Biosciences
Decipher Biosciences is a commercial-stage precision oncology company committed to improving patient care, initially focused on urologic cancers. Our novel prostate cancer genomic test, Decipher Prostate, provides valuable information about the underlying biology of a patient’s tumor, assisting physicians in their selection of an optimal therapy. Our differentiated approach measures the biological activity of a patient’s entire tumor genome, known as whole transcriptome analysis, and applies proprietary machine learning algorithms to help physicians improve therapy selection and accelerate adoption of new therapies into the standard of care. Decipher Biosciences is headquartered in San Diego, California.

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