First to Receive Medicare Coverage for Unfavorable Intermediate Risk Prostate Cancer

Genomic Profiling for Prostate Cancer

Based on tumor biology alone, Decipher offers superior accuracy in predicting risk of progression, enabling the patient and physician to optimize clinical decisions.


Highest Reported Accuracy

independent of risk factors such as PSA, stage and Gleason score


Comprehensive Genomics

unmatched by any other option available to physicians in the United States today


Standard of Care Testing

covered by Medicare and recommended by clinical practice guidelines

Indicated for:

Active Surveillance
Definitive Therapy

Predictive of:

Prostate cancer mortality
High-grade disease

Recommended by:

Clinical practice guidelines for prostate cancer

Clinically validated in multiple published studies of more than
1,000 unique patients


Sanjeev Kaul, MD

Comprehensive Urology

"For patients newly diagnosed with intermediate risk prostate cancer, Decipher is an invaluable tool to select between active surveillance and definitive therapy, and to guide intensity of radiation and ADT"

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Specimen Acceptance Criteria

Prostate Biopsy

ALL Gleason Scores

ALL PSA Values

ALL Stages

Prostate RP

ALL Gleason Scores

ALL PSA Values*

ALL Stages

*Undetectable, rising, and persistently elevated PSA


(Trans-Urethral Resection
of Bladder Tumor)


Urothelial/Transitional Cell Muscle Invasive Carcinoma

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Decipher Biosciences is committed to ensuring access for all patients.
Decipher Prostate

Decipher Prostate is covered by Medicare, Medicare Advantage and select private insurers.

Through Decipher Assist, we offer programs designed to ensure testing is affordable for patients, including:

• Financial assistance for patients with demonstrated financial need

• Tailored payment plans to accommodate certain specific financial circumstances

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Decipher Bladder

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