Prostate cancer is

Knowing more with Decipher empowers you in your prostate cancer journey

Decipher genomic testing reveals the underlying biology of your tumor, providing clarity and confidence in treatment planning

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More Accurate Risk Stratification

All patients with localized disease can benefit from Decipher

Decipher Prostate is a genomic classifier that stratifies patients by risk of prostate cancer progression. Physicians use Decipher to help determine which patients may be safe for less intensive treatment approaches and which may need additional or more intensive treatment.

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Tumor Subtyping to Optimize Therapy

Patients with T1 or muscle-invasive bladder cancer can benefit from Decipher Bladder

Decipher Bladder classifies bladder cancer tumors by molecular subtype. Physicians use Decipher Bladder to identify which patients are at highest risk of upstaging at radical cystectomy and which are most likely to benefit from neoadjuvant chemotherapy.

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Our biopharma solutions:

  • Enable clinical trials in earlier patient populations
  • Reveal new biomarkers through comprehensive genomic profiling
  • Derive insights from population-level genomics

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Extensively Validated

Decipher has been validated in 40 studies across 29,876 patients for metastasis, prostate cancer-specific mortality, and overall survival.

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How Decipher Can Help

Is Decipher Prostate right for me?
Is Decipher Prostate right for me?
Decipher Prostate reveals the underlying biology of your prostate cancer, giving us more information in making treatment decisions.
If you have recently been diagnosed with prostate cancer, or received surgery to remove your prostate, Decipher can help.

Decipher is dedicated to improving patient care.

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