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Decipher Bladder Genomic Classifier

Decipher Bladder is the only commercially available genomic subtyping tool for patients with bladder
cancer to help inform key treatment decisions.

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What is Decipher Bladder?

Decipher Bladder:

  • Is a genomic test that analyzes your bladder cancer based on 219 genes and helps to categorize it into 1 of 5 groups based on its behavior. These groups are known molecular subtypes.
  • This information can be considered when making treatment decisions with your doctor.
  • The test is intended for patients diagnosed with non-muscle invasive or muscle invasive bladder cancer*.
  • It is performed on tumor tissue collected from the bladder in a procedure known as transurethral resection of a bladder tumor (TURBT).
    No additional medical procedure is required.
  • Speak with your physician to see if Veracyte’s Decipher Bladder Genomic Classifier is appropriate for you.

*AJCC stage I to IIIA

My Physician has Ordered Decipher Testing

If your physician has already ordered Decipher testing, it is being processed and the test report will be delivered to your physician upon the completion of the genomic analysis. For any questions regarding Decipher testing, please discuss with your physician or contact client services at [email protected].

Physician orders Decipher

Decipher handles tissue collections, processing, and analysis as well as billing to insurance

Decipher report is generated and sent to ordering physician

Is Decipher Bladder Covered by Medicare and Commercial Insurance?

Veracyte’s Decipher Bladder is covered by Medicare for patients with clinical stage T1-T4a bladder cancer. For more information, please contact the Decipher billing team at: 1.888.792.1601 and select option #3 or or email us at [email protected].

Medicare covers Decipher
Bladder for men and women
with clinical stage T1-T4a
bladder cancer*

Financial support may be available to eligible patients via the Veracyte Access Program

*AJCC Stage I to IIIA Bladder Cancer

Decipher Bladder Patient Resources

Veracyte Access Form

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can the Decipher Bladder Genomic Classifier be ordered?

The Decipher Bladder Genomic Classifier must be ordered by the physician treating the patient.

What is tumor genomic testing?

Tumor genomic testing looks at genes, how they are interrelated, and their expression or activity within the cancerous tissue. This can help determine the behavior of the disease, such as its aggressiveness.

Who can I speak to if I have questions about billing?

We are committed to ensuring access to all eligible patients, click here for more information about our Veracyte Access Program here.
For questions related to billing and insurance, please reach out to Veracyte’s billing team at [email protected] or call us at 1.888.792.1601 (select option #3).

How do I get a copy of my test result? 

Your Decipher report may be requested from your physician. If you have questions, please email [email protected]

Is the Decipher Bladder Genomic Classifier FDA cleared?  

The Decipher Bladder Genomic Classifier is available as part of Veracyte’s Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA)-validated laboratory developed test (LDT) service. FDA approval or clearance is not required for the Decipher Prostate Genomic Classifier or Decipher Bladder Genomic Classifier.

Veracyte Labs SD, which performs Decipher testing is accredited/licensed by the following:

  • College of American Pathologists
  • Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) CLIA
  • California Department of Public Health
  • New York State Department of Health
  • Pennsylvania Department of Health
  • State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations Department of Health Center for Health Facilities Regulation
  • Maryland Department of Health, Office of Health Care Quality
Can the Decipher Bladder Genomic Classifier be ordered if I live outside the United States?

Currently, Decipher testing is only available within the United States. Decipher testing is available as part of Veracyte’s CLIA-validated laboratory developed test (LDT) service. Veracyte’s exclusive global access to the nCounter Analysis System for diagnostic testing will allow us to make our genomic classifiers – currently performed in our centralized labs for patients in the U.S. – available to physicians and their patients globally. We plan to adapt Decipher genomic testing to the nCounter Analysis System in the next few years. Feel free to fill out our contact us form should you be interested in Decipher testing outside the United States. 

How Can We Help

Please leave a message and a representative from our client services team will reach out shortly to help answer your questions.

Decipher Genomic Testing is available only through a physician’s order. Talk to your doctor about whether Decipher might be right for you.

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Call us at:

1.858.766.6575 (fax)

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Billing inquiries:

[email protected]
1.888.792.1601 (option 3)