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Uncover the true nature of bladder cancer

Genomic Profiling for Bladder Cancer

Decipher Bladder is the only genomic subtyping tool available to physicians in the United States treating patients with locally advanced bladder cancer.


Highly Accurate

in classifying bladder tumors into four molecular subtypes



genome-wide assay of 46,000 genes



model derived from the Cancer Genome Atlas project

Indicated for:

Men and women considering NAC prior to surgery

Predictive of:

Survival benefit from
NAC by molecular subtyping

Recommended by:

Luminal Infiltrated
Basal Claudin-Low

Developed and validated in 775 unique patients from
10 leading cancer centers in North America and Europe

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Badrinath Konety, MD

University of Minnesota

“Decipher Bladder can reveal the biological nature of the patient’s tumor. It is the most promising tool we currently have available as a potential aid in clinical decision making prior to radical cystectomy.”

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Specimen Acceptance Criteria

Prostate Biopsy

ALL Gleason Scores

ALL PSA Values

ALL Stages

Prostate RP

ALL Gleason Scores

ALL PSA Values (including undetectable, rising, and persistently elevated PSA)

ALL Stages


(Trans-Urethral Resection
of Bladder Tumor)


Urothelial/Transitional Cell Muscle Invasive Carcinoma

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Decipher Prostate

Decipher Prostate is covered by Medicare, Medicare Advantage and select private insurers.

Through Decipher Assist, we offer programs designed to ensure testing is affordable for patients, including:

• Financial assistance for patients with demonstrated financial need

• Tailored payment plans to accommodate certain specific financial circumstances

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Decipher Bladder

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