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Decipher Prostate Biopsy Genomic Classifier

The Decipher Prostate Biopsy Genomic Classifier test report overview can help you understand components of the test report.

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Page 1 contains the Decipher Score, risk estimates, and an interpretation of the score.


1. Decipher Score

  • Determined by tumor biology alone, not influenced by clinicopathologic risk factors (e.g., Gleason, PSA)
  • 22 genes, 7 biological pathways
  • Continuous genomic risk score
  • 3 categories (low, intermediate, high)

2. Risk Estimates

  • Prostate cancer risk estimates were determined by numerical integration of >22,000 prostate cancer patients with available Decipher scores calibrated to >40,000 patients with long-term follow-up from published meta-analyses. 

  • Risk of 5- & 10-year metastasis and 15-year prostate cancer mortality with definitive treatment relevant to this patient’s clinical risk group
  • Adverse pathology at time of RP: Grade Group 3-5, pT3b-T4, or lymph node involvement

3. Interpretation

Summary based on the patient’s genomic risk & relevant clinical findings

Page 2 contains case analysis, interpretation, and clinical findings.


4. Dynamic Report

The report is tailored to the clinical presentation of the patient


5. Interpretation

  • This patient’s 10-year risk of metastasis is compared to 6,299 patients with similar clinical features
  • For these patients, Decipher risk groups are distributed as:
    • 61% Low
    • 18% Intermediate
    • 21% High
  • Distribution of risk is dependent on clinical risk group

6. Risk Comparisons

  • Explains risk comparison graphic
  • Specifies this patient’s percentile of risk relative to patients with similar clinical features

7. Clinical Findings

Clinical study results relevant to this patient

Page 3 contains a test description, intended use info, confidence intervals, and references.


8. Test Description

  • How the test is performed
  • Definitions for each of the endpoints reported
  • Provides detail on the cut-points for Decipher risk groups

9. Intended Use

Decipher Prostate Biopsy is intended for use in men with localized prostate cancer after surgery with undetectable, persistent, or rising PSA


10. Confidence Intervals

The 95% confidence interval for each endpoint reported


11. References

For reach of the clinical studies cited in the report