Introducing the next generation of Decipher Prostate Biopsy

Decipher's genomic test, performed on tumor tissue, helps match selection and intensity of treatment with the metastatic potential of the tumor.

Our new three-page test report makes it easier to understand and discuss your patient's personalized genomic test results.

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Decipher Prostate Biopsy delivers personalized data based on the patient's Decipher score, which ranges from zero to 1 and indicates whether the genomic characteristics of the tumor indicate low, intermediate, or high risk.

Decipher’s next-generation report illustrates the patient’s 10-year risk of metastasis in comparison to patients with similar clinical features and provides findings from relevant clinical studies.

Page 1 contains the Decipher Score, risk estimates, and an interpretation of the score.

Page 1 image
Decipher Score
  • Determined by tumor biology alone, not influenced by clinicopathologic risk factors (e.g., Gleason, PSA)
  • 22 genes, 7 biological pathways
  • Continuous genomic risk score
  • 3 categories (low, intermediate, high)
Risk Estimates
  • Based on the Decipher score with standard of care therapy (RP or RT)


  • Risk within 5 & 10 years
  • Best surrogate endpoint for overall survival

Prostate Cancer Mortality

  • Risk within 15 years

Adverse Pathology

  • Grade Group 3-5, pT3b-T4, or lymph node involvement
  • Summary based on the patient’s genomic risk & relevant clinical findings

Page 2 contains case analysis, interpretation, clinical findings, and a QR code for more info.

Page 2 image
Dynamic Report
  • The report is tailored to the clinical presentation of the patient
Risk Comparison
  • This patient’s 10-year risk of metastasis is compared to 6,299 patients with similar clinical features
  • For these patients, Decipher risk groups are distributed as:
    • 61% Low
    • 18% Intermediate
    • 21% High

Distribution of risk is dependent on clinical risk group

  • Explains risk comparison graphic
  • Specifies this patient’s percentile of risk relative to patients with similar clinical features
Clinical Findings
  • Clinical study results relevant to this patient
QR Code
  • Directs you to more information about each study

Page 3 contains a test description, intended use info, confidence intervals, and references.

Page 3 image
Test Decription
  • How the test is performed
  • Definitions for each of the endpoints reported
  • Provides detail on the cut-points for Decipher risk groups
Intended Use
  • Decipher Prostate Biopsy is intended for use in men with newly diagnosed localized or regional prostate cancer
Confidence Intervals
  • The 95% confidence interval for each endpoint reported
  • For each of the clinical studies cited in the report

Decipher offers clinicians a new and meaningful perspective by providing a calculation of a patient’s genomic risk that doesn’t factor in other clinical characteristics.